School-Related Services

Intensive Behavioral Counseling (IBC)

If ERMHS counseling is not enough to meet a student’s needs, EMBRACE offers up to 30 hours per month of intensive wraparound support. IBC clinicians provide behavioral coaching for caregivers, while supporting students in meeting their IEP goals through consistent collaboration with their IEP team.


A 30-day assessment period allows clinicians to gather information about client behaviors as well as family dynamics that impact a student’s functioning at home and at school. After the assessment phase, IBC clinicians offer multiple weekly behavioral coaching sessions for caregivers with the intention of improving communication and ineffective routines in the home so that students can fully access their education.

Wraparound Support

In addition to parent coaching, IBC clinicians work closely with all members of the IEP team, as well as outside providers, to support students in developing habits and routines that improve their academic success and overall well-being. IBC clinicians facilitate effective communication and collaboration between caregivers and the school team to promote sustained change. If needed, an additional clinician can join the team to provide behavioral counseling for students.

Behavioral Functioning

Through IBC services, caregivers learn behavior modification strategies and effective interventions that improve their child’s attendance and engagement at school. With structured routines and clear expectations, students are better able to access and benefit from their education. In collaboration with the IEP team, IBC clinicians utilize specific behavioral interventions to address school avoidance or refusal.

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