About Us

EMBRACE Mental Health exists to restore personal and relational vitality to youth and families in the communities, homes, and schools where they live and learn.

EMBRACE (formerly Community Options for Families & Youth) began its operations in 2007 in Contra Costa County as a provider of children’s mental health services. Our focus continues to be engaging and supporting not only children but also caregivers and the entire networks that surround them, to maximize the possibility of sustained change.

To maintain our focus and quality of care, we hire and develop team members that are committed to our mission and values, and foster a strong collegial community and ongoing professional development.

Four core values guide our work


As we engage with our clients we seek to do so with sincere humility—with an appreciation for the vulnerability that comes with therapeutic encounters and an awareness that while we serve as guides and sojourners, our clients are the agents of change.


From a place of humility, we move closer with curiosity—with a commitment to deepen our understanding of others and the world as they know it, and intention to nurture both the self-compassion and the courage that clients need to face the challenges and possibilities of change.


Integrity keeps us true to ourselves and our mission, to our clients and stakeholders, to the standards of care and professionalism in our field. Integrity requires personal and organizational wellness, which we nurture through a supportive community, robust training and supervision, and overall promoting a positive employee experience.


If humility is our starting point, excellence is our goal. Aided by the creativity and clarity that curiosity and integrity inspire, we strive to bring our best to each encounter and task. Ultimately, we want EMBRACE to be a place where we never stop growing.

Leadership Team

Daphne Pleasant, LMFT

Chief Executive Officer

Diana Salvestrin Bergesen

Director of Accounting & Administration

Brent Ringwood, LMFT

Director of Multisystemic Therapy & Behavioral Services

Megan Pattie, LCSW

Director of School-Related Services

Board of Directors

Bill Barnes, Chair
Gabriel Eriksson
Jim Hampton
Andraé Robinson
Tonia Roby