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Integrated Family Therapy (IFT)

Following many years of success with our FFT and MST programs, EMBRACE was asked by Contra Costa Behavioral Health to develop and implement a family therapy program for youth who need such a service but don’t meet criteria for other family-based programs. Integrated Family Therapy launched in September of 2019; the program combines elements of common best practices and evidence-based models. Our team includes English- and Spanish-speaking, licensed and associate-level clinicians.


IFT is available for clients with full-scope Medi-Cal for whom family therapy is deemed an appropriate and necessary intervention to restore a client’s functioning. Youth are seen weekly in their home with at least one caregiver from six months to a year to address attachment issues, communication skills, and family dynamics.


A common theme for our clients and families is individual and multigenerational trauma, which impacts family members’ mental health and ways of interacting. IFT clinicians are trained in trauma-informed care and continuously work to support clients’ awareness and management of the impact of trauma so that the entire family can experience increased healing and harmony.

Therapeutic Alliance

To make sure that the family is benefiting from treatment, IFT clinicians gather weekly feedback from clients and caregivers about their subjective well-being and experience with the therapeutic process. Clinicians adjust their way of working to match families’ unique needs and preferences, and maximize therapeutic alliance, which evidence shows is a key factor for therapeutic success.

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A range of resources that may be of use for clients and caregivers.

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